Enhancing Provider-Patient Experience, Pitch Series Pt 1 of 3

In this episode of the Friends of Project Healthcare podcast we are joined by co-hosts, Lauren Hatcher, a Vanderbilt MD/MBA student, and Haley Combs, Project Healthcare’s Program Manager. This is the first of a three-part pitch series where you’ll hear from some of Project Healthcare’s cohort companies as they make their pitch to the community, captured at Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare Opening Showcase event in January 2023.

Each of these companies demonstrates healthcare innovations that are re-imagining both the provider and patient experience.

Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center kicks off the podcast as we hear from Amy Green, Founder and CEO. NCCC reached significant growth milestones by establishing their first Medicaid contract in maternal health, surpassed 40,000 individual client visits, and had a 77% YoY revenue growth in 2022. The company is seeking to expand outside of Tennessee and continue their journey of providing individualized mental and behavioral health therapy to those in need.

SageSurfer, founded by Anupam Khandelwal is addressing serious mental illness with a platform approach to build a care team around the patient. The company offers a modern tech stack leveraging open API’s with pre-built workflows to streamline complex care processes by the care team.

The next Project Healthcare Showcase company we heard from is WELLBLOxS, founded by  Clare Kranz, CEO. The company has architected and built a patient education platform designed to engage patients and healthcare providers through the discharge and care education process. The company is addressing hospital readmissions which, on average, lead to a $15,000 cost per readmission, with approximately 15-18% of all hospital discharges resulting in a readmission. The company has successfully piloted the solution at Intermountain Healthcare and the Veterans Administration.

Next up is Care Sherpa, focused on the patient lead pipeline with highly personalized consumer follow up and patient support services, founded by Jessica Walker. Filling a niche of the presurgical processes, generally not handled by electronic health record vendors.  Care Sherpa has gained significant traction, improving the care experiences by at least 35% in existing implementations. Jessica is seeking to scale the growth of Care Sherpa to improve both the provider and patient experience for complex health needs.

The final pitch came from Verbotics and Founder/CEO Himanshu Agrawal.  Verbotics licenses cloud and modern API’s to unlock data in unstructured data, enabling utilization of the data to reduce administration burden and unlock valuable health data. Verbotis hails from Boston and has significant traction with a variety of use cases.

Project Healthcare’s showcase event is testament to the potential of innovation within healthcare, in this episode, improving the provider and patient experience.

We look forward to sharing more insights through this podcast, showcasing thought leaders in the industry and emerging healthcare companies through our cohort. Be sure to listen to Part 2 and Part 3 of this Pitch Series that continue highlighting the 2023 Project Healthcare cohort.

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