Nashville’s Home for Entrepreneurs

Since 2010, we’ve been the first stop for anyone looking to turn their ideas into reality. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we’re committed to making Nashville the ultimate destination for startups by nurturing a thriving ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs at every step.

The entire EC staff is dedicated to increasing the likelihood of success for entrepreneurs. Get to know the people invested in your growth.

Meet Our Team

Our Values

Innovative We help turn ideas into action
Trusted We are reliable and approachable
Excellent We strive to be exceptional, best in class
Inclusive We make the extra effort to make sure everyone is welcome
Results-driven We are action-oriented
Adaptive We are agile in response to changing circumstances

Community and Education at the Core

We bring entrepreneurs together to learn, grow, and support each other through every stage of their journey.

Our team works to assess and identify the best fit for anyone looking to navigate entrepreneurship, guiding entrepreneurs to the resources that meet their needs, whether that’s with us or with a network organization.

How You Can Help

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