Our partners provide funding and expertise to help deliver world-class programming, customer and investor connections, and a collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem – all to help entrepreneurs increase their likelihood of success.


Our Growth Partners have a unique opportunity to identify and influence entrepreneur solutions, providing expertise in accounting, banking, community, legal, and technology.

Our Community Partners actively engage EC Members through events, product, and service offerings to help our entrepreneurs flourish.

Our Supporting Partners provide philanthropic support which fuels the EC’s mission of increasing the likelihood of success for entrepreneurs.

Our Program Partners align with one or more of the EC’s accelerator programs and provide program funding, industry insights and business expertise.

PreFlight and InFlight

From Idea, To Launch, To Scale


Empowering Black and Brown Founders to Thrive

Project Healthcare

Healthcare Industry Accelerator

Project FinTech

FinTech Industry Accelerator

Project Music & Entertainment

Music & Entertainment Peer-Network

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We offer a customizable approach to partnerships and sponsorships. Get started by contacting Cheif Strategic Alliances Officer, Donna Mattick.

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Cheif Strategic Alliances Officer
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