How Connections are Made at the EC – Meet Garde Solutions

You never know where your path will lead you. When Janna Riggs left a secure job with a small high-end audio company in 2019 to work for a startup with a CoWork membership at the EC, much to her surprise, it turned out not to be a great fit.

Working in the office space at the EC allowed her to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs like Jimmy Bynum, founder of Garde Solutions. She and Jimmy met in the breakroom and started talking about how to support each other’s ventures. 

After three months with the startup, she was looking for her next move. Surrounded by entrepreneurs and stacked with skills and experience in operations and accounting, she started consulting. Jimmy became one of her first clients, buying only 15 mins/day. That grew to a monthly contract and now Janna is an equity partner at Garde Solutions. Garde Solutions partners with manufacturers and distributors helping optimize warranty, extended warranty and extended risk.

“At the EC, we’re always asking people what they do,” said Jimmy, founder of Garde Solutions.  “And as a connector, I wanted to help Janna find her next role. I was super impressed with her and started seeing how valuable her work was – a good match for my visionary style.”

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely challenging venture. The EC is a place where you can run your business alongside others doing the same. Learn more about the EC’s membership options.

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