Nashville Entrepreneur Center Healthcare Graduate, DARVIS, Moves HQ to Nashville to Offer New Tech Solutions for Smarter Hospitals

Nashville, Tenn. (May 19, 2021) – Healthcare technology company and 2020 Nashville Entrepreneur Center (NEC) Project Healthcare cohort member DARVIS (Data Analytic Real-World Visual Intelligence System) has announced that they are moving their headquarters from San Francisco to Nashville on June 1. DARVIS is eager to tap into Nashville’s booming healthcare industry and continue its mission to make healthcare more efficient with digital automated technology.

“We are able to showcase our amazing city and healthcare community through our Project Healthcare programming,” said Jane Allen, CEO of the NEC. “We work hard to connect companies in the program to the connections they need to increase their probability of success, so it’s no shock DARVIS chose to relocate to Nashville, a city with a deep entrepreneurial spirit and the number one healthcare city in America. This move demonstrates how we work to identify companies that fit within our landscape and strengthen our community. We are delighted to welcome DARVIS to Music City and continue to support them as they represent what makes Nashville’s businesses extraordinary.”

DARVIS is an innovative tech company that creates AI technology to automate procedures in health care settings. The company’s products are designed to automate a variety of tasks and simplify a range of processes for healthcare providers including managing medical inventory, patient hygiene, facility bed availability and more. Their technology provides feedback to staff, decreasing harm against the provider themselves, their patients, colleagues and others. By leveraging DARVIS technology, hospitals are uniquely suited to save more lives while saving money in the process.

The decision to move to Nashville comes off of last year’s participation in the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare program, a year-long accelerator program that brings together healthcare entrepreneurs and offers access to top experts and resources within the field. The program provides access to more than 70 mentors dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs on their journey.

“Our goal is to give time back to healthcare workers,” said DARVIS Co-Founder Jan Schlueter. “The introduction of automated technology within the workspace allows more time for providers to do what they are trained to do–care for patients. The concentration of healthcare systems and the vast experience of healthcare stakeholders in Nashville made the city the perfect place to move our headquarters.”

This move will allow DARVIS to bring pioneering technology to the Nashville healthcare industry, such as their signature Rapid Hygiene Check (RHC), which uses sensors to determine in real-time whether hospital personnel are wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment depending on the area in the hospital. The easy access tool is placed around hospitals and gives immediate feedback to workers. The RHC can be customized for certain areas, such as quarantine areas, where additional protection is required. 

In addition, DARVIS’ Bed Tracking System tool notifies personnel of the condition, cleanliness and availability of hospital beds in a certain area. This computer vision and AI-based system can trigger action alerts to medical staff and is 20 times more accurate than current radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions. These tools are part of the company’s broader plan to refine productivity among Nashville-area hospitals and save providers time, energy and money that can be reinvested into patient care.

DARVIS technology has already been implemented in Europe, where the company has seen a correlation between operational improvements and an increased number of surgeries performed, proving that automated AI technology can help workers direct more time to help patients.

DARVIS will officially move into their new 3,500 square feet space on June 1. The HQ will include a warehouse, showroom, AI use case training facility, office spaces and more.

To learn more about DARVIS and its mission to make healthcare more efficient, visit their website here.

To learn more about the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and its programs, visit their website here. Applications to join the 2021-2022 cohort of Project Healthcare are open through May 31 and can be found here.


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