Project Healthcare Startup Showcase: 2019-2020 Cohort

On February 27, ten entrepreneurs from Project Healthcare gathered at Sarah Cannon Corporate Office to network with industry experts and pitch their businesses at Showcase, a milestone that marks a little over halfway through the program.

Project Healthcare is the EC’s year-long, accelerator-level program supporting the growth and development of healthcare entrepreneurs across the U.S. This program explores the needs of the industry and works with entrepreneurs to find solutions.

To understand these needs, we work with industry experts – like the Nashville Healthcare Council and our healthcare partners, who give insight and perspective so that we can guide our participants.

The program is sponsored by heavy-hitters in the healthcare industry, including, Ascension, Amsurg, Carefluence, Launch Tenessee, HCA Healthcare, the Nashville Health Care Council, and Lifepoint Health.

EC Healthcare Alumni Since 2010

Each year, teams are hand-selected by the EC with direct input from industry experts, mentors, and alumni. This year we had 79 Project Healthcare applicants and after a rigorous application process, accepted 16. Now, 60% of the way through the program, our 10 best teams are still working hard and revolutionizing the healthcare industry. As we look towards the later stages of the program, the teams will be prepping for UnConference, a day of 1×1 meetings with investors.

We want to showcase these entrepreneurs and highlight what they do. Check out all of the teams below and watch their interviews from after their pitches at Startup Showcase! If you’d like to get involved with the program or get in contact with an entrepreneur, you can reach out to Program Lead Haley Combs at We’ve also opened up applications for the next Project Healthcare cohort – learn more and apply here.


Sean Switzer, VP, Partner Success
Based in Boulder, CO

At CareLoop, their mission is simple: to reinvent communication with patients and their families in order to help them better navigate the siloed and complicated healthcare system. CareLoop is a patient-centric communication platform that connects the patient, provider and patient’s family. The platform brings together the speed of modern messaging with the best of medical science and automated clinical pathways. This translates to saved money for hospitals, reduced administrative burden, saving clinicians/caregivers time, while improving patient outcomes.

Felicia Jackson, CEO
Based in Chattanooga, TN

CPRWrap is a patented, single-use CPR template that protects and guides non-medical responders during emergencies that may require CPR. CPRWrap Kits have an attached, one-way valve mouth barrier that offers protection from fluid/opioid/fentanyl contamination, visual hand placements for proper compressions, and simple CPR instructions that can be translated into any language for global usage. CPRWrap Kits are available in adult, child and infant sizes with a soon to be released version for dogs. CPRWrap Kits are compact, simple, and affordable for home, car, business, and first aid kit placements.


Kirkland Brooks, CEO
Based in Savannah, GA

Febris is an easy to use virtual reality based experiential learning system for nurse education. This system aids information retention for new nurses, leading to better patient care and alleviating education costs for overburdened healthcare systems. Febris consists of training and testing modules, a management portal, and API that interfaces with existing enterprise software being utilized by healthcare systems. Febris is currently focused on onboard education that can be effectively translated into simulation.  

Mohammed Memon, CEO
Based in San Diego, CA

Hifinite Health is a full-stack digital healthcare company providing solutions to manage chronic diseases, increase medication adherence, offer on-demand telemedicine services, and manage clinical trials. They are revolutionizing healthcare by connecting the 4Ps of care – patients, providers, payers, and pharmaceuticals – in an integrated ecosystem. Hifinite’s solution – hiCare – utilizes reimbursement codes to offer solutions for providers to collect additional revenue and reduce costs. hiCare is offered as Chronic Care Management Solution, Remote Patient Monitoring Solution, Medication Adherence Solution, Telemedicine Solution, and Clinical Trial Management Solution.


Kirstan Vandersluis, CEO
Based in Denver, CO

Connetix Health develops and sells a next generation personal health record (PHR) application called mCharts, which collects health records and presents the information on easy-to-understand views like the human body map and Facebook-like timeline. Following techniques pioneered by in the personal finance area, mCharts stores credentials to patient portals, and logs in automatically to download health data into a central, cloud-based solution. The resulting comprehensive, longitudinal health record helps users and their family members understand conditions and treatment plans, leading to better health outcomes at lower costs.


Medicare Pathfinder
Scott Cadora, CEO
Based in Atlanta, GA

Medicare Pathfinder uses artificial intelligence to optimize senior healthcare and enable healthcare providers to reduce risk, increase revenues and improve decisions about Medicare programs. They offer a patient portal and analytics suite for healthcare providers to optimize the Medicare coverage for patients. Medicare Pathfinder evaluates a patient’s likely health needs against all combinations of Medicare plans. They also enable health providers to evaluate their patient population, identify potential revenues and evaluate potential value based care models. Providers can assess risk, predict health usage and improve decisions about Medicare patients.

Midas Health
Brian Forrester, CEO
Based in Portland, OR

93% of hospitals report a shortage of doctors and nurses. This shortage has created fierce competition among employers. Midas Health gives employers the ability to transform their job posts into short, branded movies — called Video Job Descriptions. In an early case study these videos increased candidate engagement by 500% and increased views of the job by 5,000%. The company has a waiting list for customers and is offering a subscription model with videos as low as $99 each.


Sean O’Brien, Co-Founder, CTO
Based in Atlanta, GA

OMNY is a secure, compliant healthcare data marketplace. They enable health systems to build an alternative revenue stream to power better provider and patient experiences. They deliver insights to life sciences companies that help them produce life saving therapies.


Bill Martin and Rick Wiseman, Co-Founders
Based in Nashville, TN

Shepherd is a mobile health platform that empowers families with the connectivity tools they need to manage the care of their aging loved ones. At the same time, Shepherd aggregates first-hand data that enables healthcare systems to deliver more precise services.

Subrata Debnath, CEO
Based in Cincinnati, OH

Tolerance360 seamlessly integrates all aspects of tolerance analysis – from design to manufacturing to quality engineering. The system manages and automatically updates part-design, actual inspection data, and tolerance analysis results to drastically improve design-process efficiency by connecting dots in between CAD design, manufacturing and quality assurance. At the core of T360 software is a sophisticated centralized knowledge engine database that holds parts data, complex analysis logic, and information about all tolerance stacks. The system is capable of understanding and assimilating inspection data. All the interaction with the T360 system is done via familiar and widely popular Excel interface.

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