Nashville Entrepreneur Center Welcomes Haley Zapolski as the Inaugural Capital Connector

[NASHVILLE, September 6, 2023] — Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a leading advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Haley “Zap” Zapolski as the organization’s first-ever Capital Connector. Haley’s role is a groundbreaking addition to the team, designed to empower entrepreneurs by providing strategic guidance, networking opportunities, and educational resources related to capital fundraising and startups.

Zapolski previously worked at the EC as a program manager from 2018-2021 and has served in additional contract roles.

In her capacity as Capital Connector, Haley Zapolski will take on a pivotal role within Nashville Entrepreneur Center, supporting entrepreneurs in their journey to secure vital funding for their innovative ideas and startups. Haley will be responsible for a range of essential duties, including:

Offering Assessment Intakes: Haley will conduct comprehensive assessment intakes with entrepreneurs to determine their capital readiness. These assessments will provide entrepreneurs with valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement in their fundraising endeavors.

Maintaining a Database of Capital Providers: Haley will curate and maintain an extensive database of capital providers, categorizing them based on size, type, and their deal details. This resource will help entrepreneurs connect with the right investors and funding sources for their unique ventures. Funding resources will not be limited to investment capital only, but will also include debt, grants, and other alternative methods.

Hosting Educational and Networking Events: Haley will organize a series of events and classes dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and fostering a supportive network for fundraising and startups. These events will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking opportunities within the entrepreneurial community.

“Haley brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as Capital Connector at the EC. Her network and passions align with our growing needs to support entrepreneurs in this way,” said Sam Davidson, CEO of Nashville Entrepreneur Center. “Nashville Entrepreneur Center is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, and the introduction of the Capital Connector role reaffirms our commitment to this mission. We believe that Haley Zapolski’s unique skill set and vision will greatly benefit the entrepreneurs we serve, helping them bridge the gap between their innovative ideas and the capital they need to bring them to life.”

Haley Zapolski expressed her excitement for her new role, stating, “I am honored to continue my work with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and take on the responsibility of Capital Connector. I look forward to working closely with entrepreneurs to help them navigate the challenging landscape of capital raising, connect them with the right investors, and ultimately succeed in bringing their innovative ideas to life!”

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