Project Healthcare Alumni, OMNY Health, Announces $17 Million Raise

OMNY Health compliantly connects a diverse network of healthcare stakeholders with research-ready data and insights, significantly reducing the burden of data acquisition and curation, and accelerating the time to decisions and action

ATLANTANov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OMNY, Inc. (d/b/a OMNY Health), a leader in compliant data and platform solutions for connecting healthcare stakeholders, today announced a $17 million Series B round led by Chicago Pacific Founders (CPF). Dr. Vance Vanier, MD, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of CPF will join the OMNY Board of Directors.

OMNY Health was created to enable any provider organization in the healthcare ecosystem to benefit from the value of Real-world data (RWD), while helping to reduce bias in data-driven decision-making across healthcare stakeholders. RWD and real-world evidence (RWE) play an essential and increasing role in health care decisions, but the current sources of administrative and payor data can create a biased, incomplete view of the care and associated outcomes. Similarly, clinical trials and other research studies often focus on patients receiving care at large academic centers or research sites that specialize in recruiting patients for studies, leaving patients from rural settings or those treated in community-based settings under-represented. OMNY Health answers these challenges with a proprietary unified national data layer, providing an efficient mechanism for Life Sciences companies to source research-ready data and insights from a broad mix of provider organizations across the country, with additional capability to compliantly connect with these provider organizations for follow-up research activities and collaborations.

“Timely RWD and RWE have become the foundation for critical functions for countless healthcare companies. Unfortunately, teams today are stuck with data that doesn’t meet their needs, processes that waste time and money, and few options for acting on the insights generated,” said Mitesh Rao, MD, Founder and CEO of OMNY Health. “This situation is no longer tenable in today’s fast-paced data-driven environment. Healthcare stakeholders shouldn’t be forced to make decisions based on inadequate information. This new investment will fuel our growth as we continue to meet the accelerating demand for more seamless data-driven decision-making in healthcare and opportunities to better engage with patients and providers through the common language of data.”

OMNY’s proprietary DaaS and SaaS solutions spearhead the evolutionary transition to dynamic data procurement and insight generation by seamlessly normalizing data from disparate electronic health record systems across diverse sets of provider sizes and types. As a result, researchers can gain the flexibility they need to acquire fit-for-purpose data that can scale up or down based on their needs. This allows them to significantly reduce data acquisition costs and alleviate the stress of managing multiple data vendors and the compliance activities associated with provider relationships. Today, OMNY’s dynamic data ecosystem represents more than 56 million individuals from health systems and specialty provider networks across 42 states, with many more scheduled to join in 2023. More than a dozen Life Sciences companies are leveraging the OMNY Platform and data network to meet their research and analytic needs since the platform commercially launched in May 2021.

“OMNY’s demonstrated capability of enabling providers and Life Sciences companies to create partnerships around real-world data will transform patient care. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the next stage of OMNY’s journey,” said Vance Vanier, M.D. Co-founder and Co-Managing Partner of CPF.

About OMNY Health 
The OMNY Health ecosystem is the premiere real-world data layer, securely connecting researchers and healthcare providers through a common language of deidentified data. Serving as a key resource and central intermediary, OMNY Health revolutionizes the potential for providers and life sciences organizations to align goals across the healthcare industry, forging transformative data relationships and fueling innovation where patients need it the most. For more information on the OMNY Health network, please visit

About Chicago Pacific Founders
Based in Chicago and San Francisco, Chicago Pacific Founders (“CPF”) is a leading strategic private equity firm focused on investing in growth companies within value-based care, healthcare services, AI and tech enabled services, and caring for aging populations. CPF believes that the most significant societal impact and investment returns from healthcare for the next decade will be generated by investment in delivery model innovation. CPF’s leadership team is comprised of former healthcare founders, senior executives, and investment professionals with a passion and track record of building healthcare businesses. For more information, please visit


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