Brian Fuente Brings Back Local Manufacturing

Brian Fuente, EC Member, is bringing back local manufacturing with his three companies: The Aero Bar, Aero Build, and COAST.

Brian first moved here in 2007 and like many others, he got a taste for entrepreneurship in the music industry, building a brand for his bands.

Ten years later, he launched his first venture locally, The Aero Bar, which brings the ultimate beverage experience to events via mobile coffee or mobile bar trailer. He explains, “We wanted to stay in this community … a lot of our employees live in the community, so it makes sense to be here.” 

After some success in the mobile business, Brian decided to start another venture, Aero Build, which launched in 2019. Aero Build expanded on Aero Bar and this time each trailer would would be designed focusing on personalization and customer experience across various industries. Aero Build collaborates closely with clients from mobile coffee shops to healthcare units, ensuring a seamless and successful mobile business operation.

With experience and much growth, Brian became involved with Nashville Entrepreneur Center by joining our advisor network in 2022. Just one year later he launched his third company: COAST. COAST, a subsidiary of Aero Build, recognized people’s innate desire to move, travel, and encounter new landscapes, so they modernized the camper trailer with their all-electric COAST Model 1 bringing luxury to wanderlust.

Since inception, Aero Build has manufactured trailers for over 250 businesses, and has recently moved into the travel trailer space. 

Aero Builds manufacturing space is located in East Nashville, just off Gallatin Pike. Recently, Brian opened Aero Build’s doors to the EC team for a tour of his manufacturing facilities. A quick interview that can be seen below!


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