Sonic Blocks Partners with Nova to Safeguard Well-being of Senior Population

Two companies join forces to Advance Remote Patient Monitoring System

Sonic Blocks, a Project Healthcare alumni, today announced a strategic partnership with Nova. Nova is a leading female-founded design and engineering firm with expertise in FDA-regulated health and wellness solutions for seniors, as well as extensive knowledge in acoustic device development. 

Jordan Wilker, Co-founder of Sonic Blocks
Scott Walker, Co-founder of Sonic Blocks

Nova will collaborate with Sonic Blocks to advance the next generation of their modular and predictive remote patient monitoring system, enhanced with AI insights.

CEO and Founder of Nova, Jeanette Numbers, shares, “We are thrilled to partner with Sonic Blocks on this groundbreaking project. Their innovative solution perfectly complements our expertise, and together, we are poised to create something truly transformative.”

This collaboration aims to create a comprehensive solution for remote healthcare monitoring, providing significant benefits to seniors and their families. By leveraging the combined expertise of both companies, they aspire to safeguard the well-being of the expected 80 million seniors, particularly those who wish to age in place.

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