Celebrating Eric Thrailkill’s Leadership at Project Healthcare

Eric Thrailkill will transition out of his role as Chair of Project Healthcare on June 30, 2024. Since March 1, 2021, Thrailkill has led the program through a period of significant growth and success.

Achievements Under Thrailkill’s Leadership:

  • Startup Guidance: Supported three cohorts, mentoring over 50 healthcare startups.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forged key relationships with HLTH and ViVE.
  • Telehealth Academy: Successfully conducted three years of the academy featuring over 100 panelists and moderators.
  • Podcast Launch: Introduced the “Friends of Project Healthcare” podcast with approximately 40 guest interviews.
  • Educational Initiatives: Launched the Vanderbilt Innovation Startup Practicum in partnership with Owen Graduate School of Management and the Department of Health Policy – Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
  • Ecosystem Expansion: Grew the “Friends of Project Healthcare” network, enhancing support from mentors, advisors, investors, the media, industry, and associations.


“Working alongside these healthcare founders and innovators has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career,” said Thrailkill. “Their commitment to improving healthcare for everyone is truly inspiring. They are developing groundbreaking solutions to enhance quality, expand access, and address rising costs while focusing on value. I’m incredibly energized by their ingenuity and unwavering dedication.”

Bill Farr, CEO & Founder of Atadas adds, “Eric was instrumental to the growth success of Atadas, Inc. through Project Healthcare.  His diligence in understanding business models, his knowledge of healthcare markets and his extensive contacts were critical in helping us get the visibility in the market and eventual local contracts.”

Sam Davidson, CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, praised Thrailkill’s impact: “Eric’s leadership has been instrumental in driving the success of Project Healthcare. His dedication and vision have significantly contributed to the program’s growth and the advancement of healthcare innovation.”

Thrailkill expressed gratitude for his time at the center: “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside the talented team at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and the dedicated members of the ‘Friends of Project Healthcare.’ I am confident in the continued success of Project Healthcare and look forward to witnessing the exciting innovations emerging from the program.”

Thrailkill will be pursuing a new opportunity, with details to be announced in July. His legacy at Project Healthcare will continue to inspire and shape the future of healthcare entrepreneurship.

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