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Ronen Lavi, Founder of Navina, joins host Eric Thrailkill to discuss the potential for AI to address the issue of doctor burnout and gaps in provider-patient communications by simplifying doctors visits and streamlining healthcare practices. By utilizing AI to leverage EHRs, Navina provides a tool for clinical decision-making, empowering decision-makers in the healthcare industry and improving patient satisfaction.

“We built a decision support system that combines human machine interaction in a way that humans actually will adopt it and trust it. It’s way more than technology,” Ronen explains.“Now you have automatic help from a virtual machine, in a way that we trust it, accept it, and get your insights and feel that you’re actually empowered.”

Navina’s AI-powered solution aims to assist physicians in making informed decisions by providing accurate insights and streamlining workflows. By combining human-machine interaction, transparency, and accuracy, Navina’s platform has shown promising results in reducing physician burnout and improving patient satisfaction.

“I’m starting to see a lot of CEOs, even CFOs, trying to solve the burnout problem,” he says. Navina’s tools offer physicians a “snapshot” or “Patient Project,” to help them make more efficient treatments. By providing evidence-based guidance, Navida streamlines the workflow for physicians and improves patient outcomes, ultimately aiming to make interactions in the healthcare industry more efficient and effective.

And for Ronen, more efficient doctors will lead to the retention of top clinical talent while also bringing back the joy of practicing medicine. “They want the win-win to have them both and that’s actually what we’re giving them.”

Ronen breaks down the solutions that Navina supplies to a changing market.

“Bring all this data to the physician, make better decisions, bring all these capabilities to the community to balance your population the best way in your outpatient visits. That’s how we’re going to focus,” Ronen says. 

Navina aims to triple in size and continue to expand beyond primary care and into various healthcare settings. “Let’s go to specialties, urgent care, virtual care, everything, and maybe add even more use cases,” Ronen projects.

“The main challenge right now is to become this point of care solution for value-based leaders. You need Navina. That’s where you get the trust,” he says. “We can be tripled, and we have a lot of different use cases that use the same technology and add and take to our advantage. We are delivering a structure of patient data for any primary care or any kind of need, any kind of diagnosis, and making it usable.”

About Ronen Ronen Lavi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Navina, a physician-first AI platform that helps healthcare organizations succeed in value-based care. Ronen’s career spans over two decades in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), where he was notably recognized for establishing and leading the AI Lab of the renowned military intelligence unit. Under his leadership, the AI Lab collaborated with leading tech companies and academic institutions to develop cross-functional platforms that provide insight into areas challenged by diverse and complex data. His contributions in this field were acknowledged in 2018 when he received the prestigious National Security Award. Since then, Ronen has been channeling his expertise of leveraging complex, multi-modal data for real-time decision making into solving the most complex data challenges in primary care, with a broader vision of revolutionizing the healthcare sector with AI.  

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