Get Ready for the 2024 NEXT Awards & Entrepreneurs’ Hall of Fame

This October, Nashville’s entrepreneurial community is set to shine at the much-anticipated 2024 NEXT Awards & Entrepreneurs’ Hall of Fame, generously presented by Amazon. Mark your calendars for October 21st and prepare for an unforgettable evening at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. It’s a celebration not just of individual entrepreneurs but of the collective spirit that drives Middle Tennessee’s vibrant economic landscape.

Celebrating Visionary Leaders and Innovators

We are excited to announce the event’s co-chairs—four distinguished leaders who have made significant impacts both locally and globally:

  • Janet Miller: A cornerstone of Nashville’s real estate sector and a past year NEC chair, currently leading Colliers Nashville as CEO.
  • Wanda Lyle: Formerly of UBS, a seasoned global executive with 40 years in financial services and 10 years on various boards. Expert in strategic growth and risk management, her global experience spans multiple continents including Europe and Asia. Lyle has held leadership roles in key Tennessee organizations across healthcare, commerce, and education sectors.
  • Mignon Francois: CEO and founder of The Cupcake Collection, national best-selling author of Made From Scratch: Finding Success Without a Recipe and former NEC board member.
  • Sam Davidson: NEC’s visionary CEO, Sam’s entrepreneurial journey and thought leadership continue to inspire new generations.

A Platform for Local Entrepreneurial Talent

Sam Davidson, CEO of NEC, emphasizes, “The NEXT Awards spotlight the ingenuity and spirit of Nashville’s entrepreneurs. Thanks to Amazon’s ongoing support, we continue to showcase and celebrate the visionary businesses shaping our future.”

Courtney Ross, Amazon’s Nashville Sr. Manager of Community Engagement, notes, “Supporting local entrepreneurship reflects our commitment to community growth. Over half of our store’s sales come from these small to medium-sized businesses, making their success ours.”

Recognizing Excellence Across Stages

This year’s awards will recognize excellence across various stages of business development, from startups to well-established enterprises, emphasizing the diversity and dynamism of our business community. Awards will be given in six industry categories, recognizing businesses less than five years old as well as those that have surpassed the five-year mark.

Additionally, two special individual awards will be granted:

  • Startup Entrepreneur of 2024
  • Growth Entrepreneur of 2024

Eligibility and Participation

To participate, applicants must:

  • Be headquartered in Middle Tennessee.
  • Have a founder actively involved in daily operations.
  • Show proven growth and significant impact within the last year.
  • Operate a for-profit entity.

Applications and nominations are open until June 14, 2024, at 11:59 pm, and tickets for the event will be available from August.

Join Us in Celebrating Nashville’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Whether you’re a startup owner, a seasoned entrepreneur, or a supporter of local business, the NEXT Awards offer an opportunity to witness the future of Nashville’s economy firsthand. Let’s come together to support and celebrate the entrepreneurs who make Nashville a hub of innovation and creativity.

Discover more about the NEXT Awards & Entrepreneurs’ Hall of Fame.

We look forward to celebrating with you this October!

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