Saurabh Sinha: From Athlete to CEO – A Journey of Resilience and Innovation


Saurabh Sinha’s journey from athlete to tech entrepreneur showcases resilience, adaptability, and the power of focus. Initially set on a sports career, Sinha’s early experiences on the badminton court instilled in him a competitive spirit and a knack for perseverance, crucial traits for any entrepreneur. His narrative took a pivotal turn due to injuries and a blossoming interest in academics, leading him towards engineering and eventually to the founding of eMids, a technology company specializing in healthcare solutions.


In our Circle Back Podcast episode, we learn that despite the initial lack of interest in entrepreneurship, Sinha’s engagement with sports and later, an engineering education, laid the groundwork for his business acumen. His early career, marked by a critical role in a project for Nokia, taught him the value of understanding the core of any work and the importance of seemingly menial tasks.

Sinha’s venture into entrepreneurship wasn’t straightforward. 

The transition from a secure job to launching eMids, alongside college friends, was a leap of faith, bolstered by familial support and a backup plan centered on his programming skills. The company faced numerous challenges, including the dot-com bust and the aftermath of 9/11, testing their resilience and adaptability. 

This journey wasn’t just about business growth; it was also a deeply personal one.

The strategic decision to focus solely on healthcare, a move inspired by Nashville’s vibrant healthcare scene and timely with the Affordable Care Act, catalyzed eMids’ explosive growth. But the work eMids did in healthcare technology wasn’t just profitable; it was meaningful, offering a tangible impact on people’s lives. 

Sinha’s story is a testament to the power of leveraging one’s passions and experiences, the importance of adaptability, and the impact of focus – a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit in its purest form, underscoring that resilience, adaptability, and a focus on meaningful work can turn challenges into opportunities for tremendous success.

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