CPR Wrap Secures $200,000 in Funding and Grows Direct Sales By 34%

“Despite facing challenges in securing investment due to our ARR not meeting expectations and the investors’ desire for additional networking opportunities, I pursued alternative avenues to propel CPRWrap’s growth,” says Felicia Jackson, founder of CPRWrap and 2019 Project Healthcare Alumn.

Felicia actively participated in pitch competitions, securing victories in three significant events, which collectively garnered over $200,000 in funding.

Additionally, through strategic efforts, she successfully escalated CPRWrap’s annual direct sales from $134,000 to an impressive $400,000, culminating in a remarkable 2023 revenue of $600,000.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of global reach, CPRWrap fortified their brand by obtaining WIPO international trademark protection.

Perhaps most gratifyingly, in 2023 alone, CPRWrap Resuscitation Kits played a pivotal role in saving two precious lives, underscoring the profound impact and efficacy of our product.

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