Better Together: Exactly who we’re looking for

A bi-weekly column exploring the intersection of entrepreneurship and community by Sam Davidson

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A life coach, an animator, a navy vet, a teacher, and a juicer walk into a room to pitch their business. 

No? Haven’t heard that one before? Well, then you missed out on something special earlier this week as we finished our most recent PreFlight cohort. The final showcase was filled with supporters, the nuggets were flowing and the pitches were perfect.

For the occasion.

Not every company was fully baked or ready for consumption. But each was in the right place at the right time, which can often lead to entrepreneurial success.

I get asked often, “Who is the EC for?” And initially that was a question that took a while to answer as I fumbled through our various programs and what each offered, and to whom and when. But as time has gone on and we’ve done work to align our programs and our community and content offerings, that answer is becoming clearer:

The EC is for any entrepreneur who wants to increase their likelihood of success.

Increasing those odds can happen in many ways, whether through a one-on-one advisor meeting, attending a capital readiness event, signing up for a coworking membership, or enrolling in a program. The only prerequisite is a desire to grow and a willingness to learn.

That’s what I saw from my side of the stage during the PreFlight showcase. Five entrepreneurs stood in front of a room and told their story – many for the first time. While some had revenue and others didn’t yet have a fully functioning website, each was in the right place because each was ready and willing. 

Short form anime content via subscription. AI labor scheduling for hospitals. Wellness coaching and retreats. Fresh squeezed juice. Coaching in educational leadership. The industries varied. Each walked into PreFlight months earlier, unsure and unready to pitch. But after going through the program, they each told the story of their company, their target market, their competitive advantage, and made an ask, all in five minutes. 

The best part is that graduating from one of our programs is not the end of anyone’s EC journey. Each can find their way into deeper parts of our community based on what they need next (which we’re here to help navigate with them). Whether it’s connections to capital or a business coach, board members or board certifications, our team is here to take founders from one level to the next.

If you’re ready. And willing.

No one has to be an entrepreneur alone. And in fact, no one can be.

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