FinTech Founders Find Connections in Chattanooga and Memphis

Wintery storms caused a necessary pivot for Project FinTech’s Roadshow that was set to take place the second week of January. While four cities were scheduled in-person, the EC’s Project FinTech Program Manager, Maryn Papazian, partnered with TheCoLab in Chattanooga and Epicenter in Memphis to pull off these two engaging and successful virtual events:


Local FinTech leaders in Chattanooga joined Project FinTech founders, Entrepreneur-in-Residence Lee Farabaugh, the co-founder and president of Core10 along with Adam Aspes, managing partner at JAM FINTOP for a discussion about why it’s a good time to start a fintech business. 


Lee Farabaugh 

Adam Aspes

Gumption CRE | Founder: Jonathan Dickerson – TN

Nuestro Financial | Founder: Diego Eguiarte – TN

SpendCare | Founders: Perry Halman-Peguillan and David Young – TN

A few key quotes from this panel:

  • “Everyone who provides financial services right now, it’s not enough. There are a lot of gaps and niches that will be served by fintech.” – Diego  – 
  • “We have seen a lot of waiting out of bad actors, so you can have a lot of confidence in partners that are still available to fintechs building in the space.” – Perry – 
  • “We will look back on this cohort and say, this was the best time if you get to the other side. The regulatory headwinds today are as tough as they will ever be. It’s a really, really challenging environment.” – Adam Aspes –
  • “We need to be optimistic but realistic about the challenges that this year will bring.” – Adam Aspes –


On Thursday, January 18, 2024, SVP, Director of Transformation – Fintech & Emerging Technology at First Horizon, Tyler Craft, emceed a lively panel discussion with three dynamic Project FinTech founders to discuss industry challenges, insights from a founders perspective and how each will help move the industry forward.

In case you missed it, you can still see the full panel discussion here.

This is Project FinTech’s inaugural cohort with nine businesses joining in August 2023. Learn more about the program here. See our portfolio here by selecting Project Fintech in the program drop down menu.

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