2024 Local Founders to Watch

InFlight 2024 Cohort

Twenty Entrepreneurs Driving Business Solutions and Nashville’s Economy

Nashville, Tenn. (January 11, 2024) – Nashville Entrepreneur Center (NEC), a nonprofit helping to drive Nashville’s economy by increasing the likelihood of success for entrepreneurs, announced its 2024 InFlight cohort. This five-month accelerator will guide twenty businesses through curriculum and connections to drive growth for this year’s cohort, who are collectively starting at revenue of $3.2M and almost 60 employees.

InFlight is led by Entrepreneurs-In-Residence, Beth Chase, Founder of c3/consulting and Katherine McElroy, Partner at c3/consulting, who have experience guiding Fortune 500 and private equity teams in an array of industries including healthcare, financial services, supply chain/logistics, and technology.

“Today, we celebrate a dynamic force driving Nashville’s economy—our 2024 InFlight cohort of twenty innovative businesses, who shape their industries and create a ripple effect of economic growth,” said Sam Davidson, CEO, Nashville Entrepreneur Center. “We are honored to walk alongside these visionaries, providing them with the tools, connections, and support needed to amplify their success and shape Nashville’s history.” 

Here are the ones to watch: A roster of 20 companies poised for industry impact:

Apple & Anchor | Justin & Jess Redmon, Co-Founders

We help small businesses stand out to their dream clients with all-inclusive branding and websites designed in weeks, not months.

Boutique Disposal Company | Ronnie Greer, Founder

Boutique Disposal is a full service waste management company. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and catering to needs like no one else.

CITY NOW NEXT | Robert Looper III, Founder

Real Estate Digital Media and Networking Events company.

Corsair Communications | Matthew Arnold, Founder

Corsair Campaigns uses cutting edge social listening technology and first class creative content to help campaigns and causes achieve their goals.

Design In House | Sara Draughon & Megan Holt, Co-Founders

Design In House offers purchasing and support services for interior designers.

Flowmingo | Andrea Hartley, Founder

Flowmingo is a better booking, payment and donation software for US and Kenya based wellness studios and festivals. Think MindBody, Eventbrite and Gofundme rolled into one.

Global PMO Partners | Michelle Watkins, Founder 

Embrace the future with our innovative, scalable, and integrated Project Portfolio Management solutions, proven to fuel sustainable growth and propel businesses forward.

Kindred Media | Garrison Hayes, Founder

Kindred Media is a video-first creative agency helping corporations amplify diverse voices within their organization.

Love + Freedom Education | Kianga Ford, Founder

Love + Freedom Education offers transformational and leadership coaching, courses, and events. We bring a lens of understanding the masculine and feminine to the evolving diversity of our lives and workplaces.

 MADKAT MGMT | Maddy Sundquist, Founder

MADKAT is a music management company with the mission to challenge creatives to make culture.

Onyx Capital Financial Solutions | Cory Beal Sr., Founder

We protect families through the power of cash value life insurance while financing their wildest entrepreneurial dreams through business credit.

Orbital Ink | Patrick Adams, Founder

Orbital Ink is a full service merchandising company located in Nashville, TN specializing in screen printing, embroidery, and fulfillment services.

PWP Products LLC | Pete Peterson, Founder

A massage/fitness product to assist in solving the need for pain relief. The concept of both has never been done before. I plan to get it into every fitness center and spa in America.

Rental Guard | Adam Jaggers, Founder

We provide a remote monitoring platform for property managers.

Research Lifecycle Solutions LLC | Shaherah Yancy, Founder

We help biotech and life science companies achieve strategic clinical and regulatory goals.

Sequential Potential Comics | Darick & Emily Ritter, Co-Founders

At SP Comics, we work with scientists, researchers, and organizations to distill their knowledge and illuminate their impacts through the colorful medium of comics.

Stakd.co | Benjamin Graves, Founder

Stakd.co is a comprehensive AI powered communication software service tailored for universities, nonprofits, and small businesses. It aims to foster more personal relationships with customers while significantly saving time.

The bKYND Company | Bradley Davis, Founder

bKYND is a holistic wellness company for students. We currently provide age-appropriate, wellness development and health education programs to k-12 schools throughout Middle Tennessee.

TNT Goods | Simone Gonzalez & Jessica McMillan, Co-Founders

TNT Goods is a local, Queer, Black women-owned jewelry brand that encourages & uplifts women to feel their most beautiful, confident, and empowered selves.

Virsitour | Debbie Garcia, Founder

An online platform for meeting and event planners to use virtual site tours to venue source for events sending qualified leads to hotels and venues worldwide.

For more information about InFlight and how to get involved, please visit https://info.ec.co/.  

About Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Nashville EntrepreneurCenter (EC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded in 2010 by business leaders who wanted to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and to celebrate the spirit and tenacity of the entrepreneurial community. The EC serves as Nashville’s center for entrepreneurship, supporting visionaries—from every background, in any industry, and at all phases—by connecting them to critical resources and championing their desire to change the world. Learn more about the EC by following us @entrecenter on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at www.EC.co.


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