TrueLetter Secures Third Check in Angel Investment Round

With the right people on board TrueLetter recently achieved a significant milestone—a successful capital raise. After an introduction made by the EC’s capital connector, Haley Zapolski, TrueLetter has secured a third check in their first round of Angel investments — now aiming for a fourth. 

Notably, this introduction has played a crucial role in steering TrueLetter towards its current trajectory. “Our styles meshed well and I anticipate that through this capital connection, our company will receive more than capital alone,“ said Justin.

Already with two major brands on board for their beta, they plan to scale blog and email content. Their 2024 roadmap includes video, backend tools, and marketing funnels, targeting agency partnerships and streamlined offerings.

Set to attend Affiliate Summit West in 2024, TrueLetter envisions a platform enabling one-to-many interactions, catering to individual affiliates, influencers, and content creators.

Justin’s perspective on the venture is rooted in a profound understanding of the industry’s pain points. He notes, “We are advocates for affiliates. I’ve been an affiliate manager and an affiliate, and what I’ve found is it’s really hard to get affiliates to post from the affiliate manager’s shoes. But from the affiliate’s perspective, brands don’t give you a lot of resources.”

Offering a one-to-many interaction model tailored for the needs of individual affiliates, influencers, and content creators, Justin operates with a lean team of two seizing opportunities in the market, looking beyond mere partnerships with agencies to offer automated solutions with minimal overhead. 

Congrats to EC member Justin and to the TrueLetter team on their recent raise. We look forward to seeing what’s ahead in the new year.

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