It’s 2024 and WE KNOW you want MORE (Content)!

With all the buzz around the EC, our team deemed it necessary to hire a full-time content creator to cultivate a more consistent social media presence for us. 

That’s where I step in…My name is Ben Evans, and you might recognize me from the front desk where I dutifully validated your parking slips for the past 8 months! If you don’t know me, I am a 23-year-old Nashville native with a license to laugh and a passion for helping people, and I will be your new Content Creator here at the EC! In my free time, I love playing hockey and golf, and have also been known to tear up the banjo on occasion.

Before my time at the EC, I was a student at the University of Mississippi, where I graduated with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. After finishing school, I moved back home and spent the next year caddying at a golf course. This environment taught me to be confident and how to interact with all types of personalities. I found it to be a rewarding experience and loved the challenge of finding common ground to stand on with new people. 

After caddying through the winter and getting injured, I knew it was time to join the real world and thus began my job search. In what seemed like no-time at all, I had the front desk position at the EC and was loving every minute of it. The warm welcome I received from members and staff alike was unparalleled and made me feel right at home. The community aspect of the Entrepreneur Center is something you can’t help but notice once you‘ve been in the building, and the energy is truly infectious. 

After starting at the front desk in April of 2023 and now joining the marketing team, I am proud to be part of Nashville’s robust and ever-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Before starting here, I didn’t fully realize the depth and breadth of Nashville’s burgeoning business scene. Now, I have the opportunity to lift entrepreneur’s voices and tell stories that celebrate how they make our world better. I am excited to be given this opportunity and hope to see you at the EC soon!

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