Transforming an Old Industry in a New Way: Jane Allen’s Impact

Circle Back, S3 EP6

In this inspiring podcast episode, Jane Allen shares her remarkable journey from being a young lawyer to becoming the founder and CEO of a successful legal service provider called Counsel On Call. Her story serves as an empowering example for young entrepreneurs, demonstrating how determination, innovation, and the pursuit of a meaningful vision can lead to transformative success.

Discovering the Path: Growing up as the youngest of four children in middle-class America during the late 1960s, Jane’s parents instilled in her the values of kindness and determination. She found herself drawn to the legal field through her own curiosity and circumstance. After completing her education and becoming an elementary education teacher, Jane stumbled upon the idea of pursuing law, encouraged by her LSAT scores and the encouragement of those around her. She secured a scholarship for law school and thrived in the academic environment.

Entrepreneurial Spark: While practicing law, Jane became a mother and realized the challenges of balancing a legal career with family responsibilities. Drawing inspiration from a friend’s contract work, Jane founded Counsel On Call (which became Legility and now Consilio), a lawyer to lawyer business that provided many with work-life balance. Her innovative approach gained attention, and she expanded her services to meet the needs of an ever changing legal profession.

Navigating Challenges: The path wasn’t always smooth. Mistakes were made, but having strong people on her team, and learning from mistakes allowed Jane and the company to overcome and continue to grow.

Innovative Growth: As the demand for legal services evolved, Counsel On Call (now Consilio) embraced the rise of eDiscovery and document review, yet they wanted it done differently.  Having the right team that focused on quality lawyers, project management, the company provided a comprehensive solution that catered to the changing needs of the legal profession.

Legacy and Impact: Legility’s success speaks to Jane’s entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to transforming the legal profession. Her journey from a young lawyer to the CEO of, what is now, a globally recognized legal service provider showcases the power of determination, adaptability, having the right people on her team, and innovative thinking in creating a lasting impact on an industry.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can draw valuable lessons from her experiences and be inspired to forge their own paths to success.

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