New Innovative Care Delivery Models, Pitch Series Pt 2 of 3

In this episode of the Friends of Project Healthcare podcast we are joined again by co-hosts, Lauren Hatcher, Vanderbilt MD/MBA student, and Haley Combs, Project Healthcare’s Program Manager, for the second of a three-part pitch series where you’ll hear from some of our cohort companies, captured at Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare Opening Showcase event in January 2023.

These companies are working hard to build innovative care delivery models, including telehealth platforms, hospital-at-home programs, and remote patient monitoring technologies.

Starting this episode off is Atadas. “Atadas” is a Hungarian term that means lean on me, and as CEO and founder Bill Farr describes it, his goal is to focus on remote patient monitoring, specifically with regard to medications that are currently public health priorities like the opioid crisis. While Bill has had multiple successful companies previously, he saw the incredible value offered by the Nashville healthcare community, so much so he relocated himself, his company and his family here to really dive in headfirst and embrace this community. Atadas is seeking partnerships to help scale the business.

Next up we heard from Yinka Ojutalayo, CEO of Health HavenRX who explained their mission to capitalize on the increasing consumer preference for buying medications online. The market has had a compound annual growth rate of nearly 17% between 2022 and 2027 and is expected to reach over $210B by 2027. Health Haven RX offers an API first approach enabling digital health companies to offer price transparent pharmacy services to those underserved communities. 

PopCheck Technologies CEO Erika Dillard, MD made a pitch offering a solution to one of the leading causes of preventable death of hospitalized patients, blot clotting. VenaCheck is an AI-enabled remote monitoring biosensor that not only prevents, but also predicts the development of blood clots by non-invasively detecting abnormal patterns of physical clot biomarkers, without blood tests or expensive imaging. PopCheck has already received $400K in diluted and non-dilutive funding and are now looking for experts in reimbursement, in health equity and in health economics as consultants or potential collaborators. 

The next cohort company to pitch was PointMotion. Co-founder Imen Maaroufi shared why Music City is the perfect place for their launch, as they offer physical and brain health initiatives for aging adults through accessible, fun, and convenient home-based exercises, innovating at the intersection of music, health and technology. PointMotion is seeking to raise between $750 and $1.5M to reach their next milestone, while also looking for expertise in FDA reimbursement and regulation. 

One final company, Serious Health, is working towards innovation by focusing on a next of kin care model where nurses are welcoming clients into their personal homes to provide home care. CEO Gideon Thomas is working to provide high quality care for the elderly and for individuals with disabilities in a way that is more accessible to them. Serious Health joined our cohort after the First Look event in January, so while they do not have a pitch to present in this episode, we’re excited to watch their journey unfold. 

Project Healthcare’s showcase event is testament to the potential of innovation within healthcare, in this episode, improving the provider and patient experience.

We look forward to sharing more insights through this podcast, showcasing thought leaders in the industry and emerging healthcare companies through our cohort. Be sure to listen to Part 1 and Part 3 of this pitch series that highlight the 2023 Project Healthcare cohort.

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