Innovative Advances in Specialty Care, Pitch Series Pt 3 of 3

In this final installment of a three-part pitch series for the Friends of Project Healthcare podcast, we are joined again by co-hosts, Lauren Hatcher, Vanderbilt MD/MBA student, and Haley Combs, Project Healthcare’s Program Manager. You’ll hear from some of Project Healthcare’s cohort companies, captured at Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare Opening Showcase event in January 2023.

These companies are creating specialty care solutions to slow the increasing healthcare costs and improve outcomes overall by focusing on the field of genetics, women’s health, allergies, chronic autoimmune disease, and diabetes.

The first cohort company to pitch is GeneXsure. Founder Smita Rao shared their mission to offer medical grade genetic testing and counseling through telemedicine by licensed certified genetic counselors. Entering their second year as a Project Healthcare cohort, we’re excited to see Smita and her innovative approach to genetic testing reach its full potential.

Next up is CLAIRE Fertility, whose mission is to “make Moms!” Founder and CEO Ashleigh Brown offers a digital health and informatics platform that is reimagining the way that prenatal women and their doctors work together to help family building achievements. And they do this through the marriage of an innovative app and wearable technology. With some traction behind them, Claire is seeking partnerships with those in the data space as well as genomics.

Hoping to prevent your next allergy attack is Allergy Butler, founded by CEO Eddie Loomis. Allergy Butler delivers allergy medication through toothpaste, and their hope is to disrupt the growing cost to treat allergies, currently over $7B per year.

Continuing to innovate the speciality care market is Local Infusion who administers high quality pharmaceuticals in private, comfortable centers with an emphasis on price transparency. CEO Woody Baum shared how their digital health platform for patients with chronic autoimmune diseases on specialty medications is allowing them to treat patients at half the cost of the hospital, all while delivering better patient outcomes. They are seeking to partner with proven firms that have a successful track record as they raise their Series A funding over the next couple quarters.

The final cohort to pitch was Xplosion Tech, a mobile app for kids with diabetes to help manage their glucose levels while eating the foods they love. Co-founder and CEO Kehlin Swain shared their goal to partner with local children’s hospitals and providers to launch pilot programs to help push us forward around diabetes management. 

Project Healthcare’s showcase event is testament to the potential of innovation within healthcare, in this episode, improving the provider and patient experience.

We look forward to sharing more insights through this podcast, showcasing thought leaders in the industry and emerging healthcare companies through our cohort. Be sure to go back and listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of this Pitch Series, highlighting the other participants of our 2023 Project Healthcare cohort.

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