Early Stage FinTech Founders Invited to Apply for Tennessee’s Industry Specific Accelerator

Nashville Entrepreneur Center Opens Applications for New Project FinTech Statewide Industry Network & Accelerator Program

Nashville, Tenn. (June 6, 2023) – Nashville Entrepreneur Center (NEC), a non-profit dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and local industry, today announced that applications are now live for the inaugural Project FinTech, an industry network and accelerator program, seeking to rally the FinTech industry around early stage entrepreneurs to help founders achieve success.

“Entrepreneurs are problem solvers and at the NEC, our mission is to connect them with critical resources to help their businesses grow,” said Jane Allen, CEO of Nashville Entrepreneur Center. “We provide that central place to gather and share practices, experiences, skills and connections. Every entrepreneur needs help and this program will bring our collective statewide industry network together.”

Operating in collaboration with Project FinTech Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR), Lee Farabaugh and Joe Maxwell, this 9-month hybrid accelerator will mobilize the existing tech infrastructure and growth in Tennessee. 

In the words of Joe Maxwell,  a 30-year fintech industry veteran & Middle Tennessee resident, “We need the community that’s already here to come together.  Project FinTech is a way to organize and my rally cry is to the sponsors, to the mentors, to the experts out there to open up their network. My ask is that the professional community commits and then we can map time, talent and treasure that’s most needed and leverageable.”

Early-stage technology companies building products to improve, automate, or scale financial services, those with at least one full time founder and less than $1M in ARR, are encouraged to apply to the Project FinTech accelerator. The first cohort, launching in August 2023 will have an emphasis on regional founders and BankTech companies developing products for community banks and the people they serve. 

A selection committee will evaluate applications on a rolling basis over the coming weeks. Founders should show interest by applying here or attend a virtual information session June 12th at 12pm CT by registering here

“We are looking to support founders who are curious, who are willing to ask good questions.” said EIR Lee Farabaugh, co-founder and president of Core 10, based in Franklin, TN. “That willingness to listen to their end customers are the entrepreneurs who will win because they are truly bringing something that has a product market fit.”

 With the support of partners such as Launch Tennessee, Founding Partner First Horizon Bank, and JAM FINTOP Capital, we are moving towards the goal of making Tennessee the best place in America to start, grow, and scale a FinTech company.

“Launch Tennessee is excited to support Project FinTech through the EDA Build to Scale program,” LaunchTN Innovation Manager Charles Layne said. “Now is a great time to support the vibrant fintech ecosystem emerging in Tennessee, further solidifying our mission to cultivate Tennessee as a startup-friendly destination for aspiring entrepreneurs in the financial technology industry.” 

To learn more about Project FinTech and join this innovative network, visit ProjectFinTech.com or contact Maryn Cannon, program manager at Nashville Entrepreneur Center.


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