New York Times Best Selling Author, Donald Miller, Shares his StoryBrand Framework at the EC

Nashville Entrepreneur Center (NEC) was delighted to welcome Donald Miller to the stage for a live Twende Podcast, audience Q&A and workshop discussion on May 15th.

StoryBrand CEO, Donald Miller is known for setting the standard in marketing strategy through his StoryBrand 7-Part Framework (SB7). SB7 has been widely adopted by small businesses and large corporations as a powerful, yet simple tool to clarify business messaging and drive sales.

With Miller’s release of his most recent book, How to Grow Your Small Business, Nashville Entrepreneur Center DEI Officer, Brittany N. Cole, invited Donald Miller to come speak at the EC about his methodolgy. This opportunity provided valuable insights to benefit both the larger EC community and Twende cohort – the EC’s accelerator program for Black and Latino founders.

Twende Meet & Greet

The event kicked off with a meet and greet with Twende founders and our McWhorter Circle, the EC’s Annual Giving Society for phase four entrepreneur’s who give back to the next generation of founders. At the meet and greet, we heard from six current Twende founders, who stood up and pitched their business to the group.

NEC CEO, Jane Allen, also introduced the new 2023 McWhorter Circle Co-Chairs, Judith Bright and Andy Faught. We’d like to extend a special thank the McWhorter Circle for their continued support in our mission to equip entreprenerus with the critical resources needed to launch and grow their businesses.

Live Twende Podcast & Q&A

Brittany N. Cole led the podcast discussion with Donald Miller, who shared personal anecdotes about mentorship, motivation, and family. Donald Miller noted that 65% of businesses fail and it was his life’s goal to develop something tangible and simple for entrepreneurs to use to bring that number down from 65% to 50% – an achievable goal that would make a significant impact.

He also highlighted the importance of uplifting Black and latine founders explaining the substancial economic opportunity to invest in diversity in our nation.

When asked by an audience member how his personal faith has impacted his business, Donald Miller joked that if he was referring to faith outside religion then, “I have no faith it is going to work.” He continued that his personal religlious beliefs allows him to have the purview that both good and evil exists in the world, and that he sees everyday as an opportunity to tip the scale towards the good. Brittany N. Cole joked “Religion Made Simple,” a play off of one of Miller’s book titles.


During the workshop, Miller dove into the 7 elements of “How a Story Works”:

A Character
With a Problem
Meets a Guide
Who Gives Them a Plan
And Calls Them to Action
That Results In

The most effective storytelling happens when your customer becomes the hero. He explained that 1.) Most small businesses are ignored because they don’t know how to invite people into a story 2.) People buy products after reading or hearing words that make them want to buy products and 3.) If you confuse, you’ll loose.

Miller’s visit concluded with a book signing where attendees were given a free signed copy of How to Grow Your Small Business, with the oppportunity to meet the author.

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