The bKYND Co. Secures Over 20 Partnerships in Under a Year

Congratulations to founder Bradley Davis and The bKYND Co. team on their recent growth! Davis is a PreFlight Alumni, part of the last cohort of 2021. Since having launched in 2022, he has gained several strategic partnerships that have allowed him to bring holistic health programs to the Metro Nashville Public School (MNPS) system.

What are your big achievements since launching?

Since officially launching our services in May of 2022, less than a year ago, bKYND has established over 20 local and strategic partnerships throughout the mid-Tennessee region. A few of these partnerships include: Belmont University, Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-TN, the IronMan Group, the YMCA, Youth Encouragement Services (Y.E.S.), and Rocketown. Through our partnership with Belmont University, we became the first ever non-food-based vendor to be approved to accept their campus cash, Bruin Bucks, for our services.

We have also developed and launched three different age-appropriate holistic wellness programs that strategically combine aspects of physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellness within the Metro Nashville Public School (MNPS) system. The three programs are: Building Healthy Habits, Building Future Business Leaders, and Building Balanced Athletes. 

Last Fall, we launched our Building Healthy Habits pilot program at Cockrill Elementary (an MNPS school). This Spring, we are hosting that same program at three additional MNPS schools (2 elementary and 1 middle school). In partnership with MNPS Promising Scholars, we are expecting to expand programming to roughly 10 schools this summer. And this coming Fall, we’re anticipating serving upwards of 20 MNPS schools. Additionally, in FY2022, we generated only $675 in revenue. This year, in FY2023, we are projecting at least $225k in generated revenue, which is more than a 33,000% increase from last year.

What, if any, significant moments came as a result from your involvement with the EC?

I can honestly say that if I did not participate in the EC’s Pre-Flight program, none of these milestones would have been reached. Not only did the course help me further develop our launch strategy, it also gave me access to their incredible network of advisors and mentors, and establish the credibility needed to develop our first partnerships, which is always extremely hard to do. So, in short, I owe a lot of our initial wins to the EC Pre-Flight program.

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