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In this episode of Friends of Project Healthcare…

John Bass, Founder and CEO of Hashed Health, discusses the transition from the early days at Hashed – educating and advising the healthcare community around the benefits of distributed ledger technology – to the current state of leading healthcare venture studio at the intersection of healthcare and blockchain.

Hashed Health is a venture studio located in Nashville, TN with seven concepts in formation – from ideation to successful launch.  

In this episode, John discusses:

  • The successful transformation of a company providing education and advisory services focused on blockchain and distributed ledger use cases
  • The necessary ingredients of a collaborative Hashed Health venture – trust, transparency, and incentive alignment
  • The importance of the co-founder role and the emphasis of building management teams of successful companies
  • Spinning out ProCredEx as a launched company and shifting gears, after years of educating the industry, to forming a successful venture studio
  • Peer Supply, a company recently launched which is a data exchange for curated supply chain data, enabling providers, suppliers, and others to acquire valuable product and vendor information that improve operations, strategy and resiliency
  • SubPop and bramble – two additional companies moving through the Hashed Health studio process

John also discusses the importance of the Nashville healthcare ecosystem – consisting of decades of experienced professionals who understand healthcare at a deep, personal level.

This episode was captured at the HLTH conference in Las Vegas in November 2022 where John Bass sat down with Friends of Project Healthcare host Eric Thrailkill, chairman of Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare.

For more information about Hashed Health and their venture studio model, follow the link below.

Hashed Health

About John Bass: John Bass is the Founder & CEO of Hashed Health, an award-winning healthcare venture studio based in Nashville. Since 2016, John & his team has been at the vanguard of the use of blockchain and Web3 technologies in healthcare. John is the co-author of “Blockchain in Healthcare,” and is an internationally recognized speaker on payment innovation and blockchain technologies. Before starting Hashed, John was CEO at InVivoLink (sold to HCA). John’s experience includes startup empactHealth.com (sold to GHX).

Community Ecosystem

John previews the ViVE event at the Music City Center in Nashville that will take place from March 26th to March 29th. Both Hashed Health and Nashville Entrepreneur Center will be participating in this event. ViVE is a great event to collaborate with diverse perspectives within the healthcare industry.

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