EC Board and Staff Giving Back at Vanderbilt Entrepreneurship Conference 2022

On Friday, February 18, 2022, the Vanderbilt Center for Entrepreneurship held their 4th annual Entrepreneurship Conference. John Murdock, our COO at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, was invited to moderate a panel discussion among four entrepreneurs, two of which have a background or are currently participating in NEC programs. The mission of the conference is “to build and grow a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem conducive to creating new and innovative businesses. The center accomplishes the mission through structured programs, financial support through grants and scholarships, and network connections through alumni in Nashville, throughout the US, and across the world.” (Source)

Also guest speakers of the conference included Board Chair Emeritus, Beth Chase and current Vice Board Chair, Sherry Deutschmann. Sherry inspired her audience to invest in women and Beth moderated a panel on “The Investment Perspective.”

Some words of advice from Murdock’s panel discussion included:

  • “Entrepreneurship is a journey that’s too hard to not have passion. You have to believe it.” – Joshua Mundy
  • “Your network is your networth.” – Dan Stephenson
  • “Ladies, listen up. Channel the energy of a white man and ask for what you want.” – Rhonda Cammon

Pictured left to right: Dan Stephenson of Dan’s Gourmet Mac and Cheese; Joshua Mundy of Pivot Tech School; Caroline Howard of Walker Brother Kombucha; Rhonda Cammon of Perfectly Cordial;  John Murdock, COO of the EC.



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