Kix Brooks, Lifelong Entrepreneur at Heart

We live in Nashville – a city full of entrepreneurs, and growing more every day. With this special mini-series of our hit Circle Back podcast, we are excited to hear from five celebrity entrepreneurs across music and entertainment.

In the first episode, we hear from Arrington Vineyards founder and award-winning musician Kix Brooks, in conversation with entrepreneur, NFL player, and TSU head coach Eddie George. 

“I couldn’t believe nobody had thought about doing a Napa-style winery in Middle Tennessee. The majority of the money’s here, there’s a lot of people into wine here, look at the topography around. It seemed like a good opportunity – and there was no competition.”

In the first episode of Circle Back mini series A New Stage, entrepreneur and Heisman winner Eddie George sat down with Arrington Vineyards founder and musician Kix Brooks. 

A lifelong entrepreneur at heart, Kix traces his journey from working pipeline jobs with his father in Louisiana, to writing his first No. 1 songs with partner Ronnie Dunn to starting a first-of-its-kind vineyard in the heart of Tennessee. 

Since its founding in 2007, Arrington Vineyard now sells nearly 25,000 cases of wine a year and serves over 7,000 wine club members. For Kix, it’s a labor that highlights a forgotten agricultural history of the state – which was once the third largest producer of grapes in the U.S. – and paves the way for future farmers and wine-makers to proudly represent Tennessee’s wine industry.

But for Kix, it’s not about being the best of the best. Instead, it’s his mission to be joyful and content with the hard work and talent that he’s honed over the course of his careers, sharing his experience with the next generation, and always returning to his roots.

“In the mornings, I always pick up a guitar. And sometimes I even pick up a pencil and a piece of paper.”

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