Circle Back: Shannon Terry

A Man Ahead of His Time

By Jane Allen

Shannon Terry is a name that I heard for years before having the opportunity to meet the man himself. As a mother with four children, I would hear about this “really cool guy” who started athletic focused companies such as 247 Sports and then owned  I’ll admit, I didn’t know either company but my kids did and they thought he was a “rock star!”

Upon meeting Shannon, one thing was clear, he is a warm-hearted man who is a true entrepreneur – his mind is always moving and it is difficult to keep up with him. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Shannon, to hear about him starting AllianceSports and the sale of it to Rivals and then buying it back growing it and selling to Yahoo; the start of 247 and with subsequent sales to CBS and now the starting of Outsider and SpineyAI.   If one thing is clear, it’s that Shannon is a very determined entrepreneur who knows what he is doing and I learn from him each time I have the opportunity to talk with him.

For these reasons, we are so excited Shannon agreed to be featured in Season 1 of the EC Circle Back podcast. Shannon was ahead of his time as a sports and media entrepreneur and my guess is that he will continue to be one step ahead of most others.  We hope that you enjoy this episode and walk away a bit more enlightened and inspired.

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