Circle Back: Darrell Freeman

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By Jane Allen, Nashville Entrepreneur Center CEO

Over 20 years ago, when I was an early entrepreneur, the EC didn’t exist.

So, instead of scheduling an advisor meeting or joining a program, I took the leap: I cold-called several entrepreneurs and asked if they would meet with me.

One of the entrepreneurs who quickly said yes was Darrell Freeman, the founder of Zycron, an information technology solutions company based in Brentwood that had achieved massive success. Even though Darrell didn’t know me, he invited me to Zycron’s offices. He gave me an operations primer on starting and running a low-overhead business. But perhaps most impactfully, he talked with me about the importance of networking and developing personal relationships.

After all, he’d built Zycron into one of Tennessee’s top IT solution providers through building relationships – developing and expanding his customer circle to eventually include well-known companies such as Fed Ex, HCA and the Fed Exchange. At Darrell’s invitation, I joined him at the Nashville Rotary lunch meeting, where he made it a point to introduce me to everyone he knew.

It was so easy for me to see why Darrell and Zycron were so successful. I never forgot his warm hospitality.

After Darrell sold Zycron to BG Staffing, Inc. in 2017 he continued and continues to stay engaged. He uplifts and encourages others, and stays involved in our community, including serving on the Board and Executive Committee of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. And, of course, sharing his story with others.

We, and I, are very appreciative of Darrell and his willingness to be a guest on the first season of the EC’s Circle Back podcast, where those who started, grew and sold their business (what we at the EC call “Phase 4 entrepreneurs”) take time to share their story and a few things to help others on the entrepreneurial journey.

Please take the time to listen to this dynamic person. It will be well worth it, as I guarantee you’ll learn something that will help you no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

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