Transforming the Healthcare Industry with Project Healthcare 2020

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These teams are what’s next in healthcare.

This week, we are honored to introduce you to the 31 teams joining Project Healthcare 2020, Nashville’s top healthcare accelerator-level program. These amazing teams from around the country were chosen from a highly competitive applicant pool to receive resources and support from the best-of-the-best in Nashville’s healthcare ecosystem, including The Nashville Health Care Council, Amsurg, Carefluence, LaunchTN, and Burr & Foreman LLP.

“Through listening closely to the business community, investors and entrepreneurs, it became clear that we all need to work closely to help Nashville be the best place to start and grow a business,” said CEO Jane Allen. “We were amazed with the quality companies and entrepreneurs which made this a highly competitive process.”  

Based on the host of amazing teams, and our newly-defined “lifecycle strategy,” we have developed cutting-edge curriculum that includes support from our network of industry professionals, tailored educational sessions via weekly virtual meetings, and opportunities to pitch their businesses. Teams will also have the chance to form meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey, and meet with experts perfectly suited for their industry segment, phase and stage.

This new model based on the “Entrepreneurial Life Cycle” also means that we were able to accept more teams than ever — more than three times the previous cohorts.

“We find that the type of product or service drastically changes the types of resources, connections, and community needed to support each business, said Program Manager Jeremy Raley. “It is our goal to provide more specific support for each business.”

Below are the 2020 Participants (listed by stage and in alphabetical order):


AireHealth: Stacie Ruth (Orlando, FL)

CPR Wrap: Felicia Jackson (Chattanooga, TN)

Heugenis: Kim Lavine, (Grand Haven, MI)

Leda Health: Madison Campbell (New York, NY)

Lineus Medical: Vance Clement, (Fayetteville, AR)

Noxsano: Alan Willey (Columbus, OH)


Ariel Precision Medicine: Tory Moore (Pittsburgh, PA)

DARVIS, Inc.: Jan Schlueter (San Francisco, CA)

Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, LLC: Suzanne Webb (Peoria, AZ)

FlexWise Health: Kevin Godsey (Brentwood, TN)


Flisk: Pablo Ninoles (Nashville, TN)

Healthcentrix/Prevvy: Sara Fernandez (Sunnyvale, CA)

Plum Flower Software: Lauren O’Meara (Franklin, TN)

RediPay: Mark Gulley (Charlotte, NC)


Advantage Care EMS: Larry Dorsey (Madison, TN)

Autism Possible: Dr. Teresa Vasquez (Nashville, TN)

Caring Wire: Michael P. Sentz (Columbus, OH)

Nashville Nutrition Partners PLLC: Jennifer Fleischer, Ander Wilson (Nashville, TN)

Qardian Labs: Sofia Tomov (Knoxville, TN)

Suquino Inc: Ravi Amble (Sunnyvale, CA)

Major Care: Mandy Major (New Haven, CT)

Viasana: Joe Spradley (Nashville, TN)

Yumlish: Shireen Abdullah (Dallas, TX)

ZeaMed HealthCare Services: Dr. Chandra Bondugula (Atlanta, GA)


Dendrite Health: Dr. Kevin Henderson, M.D. (Atlanta, GA)

EunoChains: Neeraj Ojha, Lax Chepuri (Centerville, VA)

HealthCorum: Keith Somers (Boston, MA)

I Heart Care: Gloria Mullons (Chicago, IL)

InovCares: Mohamed Kamara (Silver Spring, MD)

VeritasAI Inc: Melissa Duban (Alpharetta, GA)

Rehabmaker Corporation: Nikita Chizhov (Houston, TX) – DEVICE, STAGE 1

As with everything we do at the EC, none of this would be possible without our partners. For healthcare entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate their business outcomes, Project Healthcare leverages proximity to Nashville’s healthcare industry and provides unmatched access to the top experts and resources in the field. We are so thankful to work with returning partners The Nashville Health Care Council, Amsurg, Carefluence and LaunchTN. and excited to welcome Burr & Foreman LLP as a new program partner for the 2020 cohort.

2020 Project Healthcare Portfolio Teams:

Advantage Care EMS: Larry Dorsey, CEO (Madison, TN)

Advantage Care EMS provides safe timely and compassionate medical transportation to our patients. They ensure that all patients are transported with the highest sense of urgency and skill set.

AireHealth: Stacie Ruth, Co-Founder and CEO (Orlando, FL)

AireHealth is an innovative digital health company empowering and improving healthy living through affordable treatments, symptom tracking and early detection of respiratory conditions. With strong IP and clinically validated products in their pipeline, the company enables more proactive care and early interventions to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Ariel Precision Medicine: Jessica Gibson, Co-Founder and CEO / Tory Moore, CFO (Pittsburgh, PA)

Ariel Precision Medicine has developed the ADVANCE® precision medicine platform to support the ecosystem of clinicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies and payers working to minimize the impact of chronic disease.  Initially targeting pancreatic disease, we are rapidly expanding the platform’s capabilities to address the 60 m patients with chronic digestive diseases.

Autism Possible: Dr. Teresa Vasquez, Founder and CEO (Nashville, TN)

Autism Possible empowers Autistic Individuals and their families through advocacy and creation of innovative technologies that limit anxiety and meltdowns, build independence, reduces familial stress and makes their lives easier and better.

Caring Wire: Michael P. Sentz, Co-Founder and CEO (Columbus, OH)

CaringWire is a tech-enabled service that assists and empowers caregiver’s to better care for members/patients in their homes; empowering families to optimize self-management, while staying connected. We focus on supporting managed care Medicare Advantage & Dual-eligible patients and Employee Wellness plans, a large and under-served population. We combine a proprietary evidence based application, deep data & analytics, escalation services, and personalized user engagement. CaringWire is uniquely positioned to improve support and financial outcomes, keeping people healthier and more supported at home.

CPR Wrap: Felicia Jackson, Founder and CEO (Chattanooga, TN)

CPRWrap is a patented, disposable CPR template that empowers, protects and guides non-medical responders during sudden cardiac arrest emergencies.

DARVIS, Inc.: Jan-Philipp Mohr, Co-Founder and CEO / Jan Schlueter, Co-Founder and COO (San Francisco, CA)

DARVIS translates vision into valuable data analytics to provide contextual insights of objects enabling hospitals and care facilities to build, manage, and secure optimal flows of staff, hygiene, medical equipment, and day-to-day services.

Dendrite Health: Dr. Kevin Henderson, M.D., Founder (Atlanta, GA)

Dendrite Health uses AI and blockchain to improve clinical and financial outcomes in patients with multiple chronic conditions.

EunoChains: Neeraj Ojha, Co-Founder and CTO / Lax Chepuri, Co-Founder (Centerville, VA)

EunoChains is a blockchain based collaborative ‘PubSub’ platform for producers, and consumers, of Clinical Knowledge/Recommendations who share information using standards based, digital Knowledge Artifacts, and transact using blockchain contracts to ensure transparent assurances of Provenance, Process, Accountability and Quality; for all participants of the ecosystem.

Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, LLC: Suzanne Webb, Co-Founder and CEO (Peoria, AZ)

Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, LLC is a bundled surgical benefit for self insured employers reducing 40% of medical costs while providing a better healthcare experience and reduced infections.

FlexWise Health: Kevin Godsey, CEO (Brentwood, TN)

Flexwise is an on-demand clinical workforce platform that helps clinical and operational leaders manage the complex staffing demands of their organizations. Our venture is backed by investment from the AHA Innovation Fund. Their mission is to provide hospitals and health systems with a more strategic approach to scale their clinical float pools and reduce premium labor costs.

Flisk: Pablo Ninoles, CEO and Founder (Nashville, TN)

Flisk is a platform for healthcare risk managers that streamlines the insurance renewal process to save time, improve the accuracy of the data and potentially generate savings in premium by managing insurance policies and exposure data without spreadsheets and having them all in one place.

Healthcentrix/Prevvy: Jose Maria Olmo Millan, Co-Founder and CEO / Sara Fernandez, Co-Founder and COO (Sunnyvale, CA)

Prevvy is a Digital Health Platform enabling Patient Engagement, Patient Care and Monitoring Outside the Clinic. Prevvy supports patients in their day to day care and supports providers offering virtual care (chronic care management, RPM, telehealth and care coordination). Specifically, our COVID-19 care plan allows patients suspected of COVID to self-monitor at home, collect and share data with public health agencies, PCPs or emergency services.

HealthCorum: Keith Somers Co-Fou
nder (Boston, MA)

HealthCorum is a health data analytics company uniquely focused on identifying care that is unnecessary and of low-value to patients, eliminating wasteful spending prevalent in provider networks and saving money for healthcare organizations.

Heugenis: Kim Lavine, Founder and CEO (Grand Haven, MI)

Heugenis is a digital-health company bringing a patent-pending, non-drug treatment for Alzheimer’s to 46M desperate sufferers globally. Our MemorySPEX™, supporting telemedicine platform and proprietary SaaS portfolio, provide a safe, effective one-stop treatment protocol, reducing harmful plaque in the brain up to 50%.

I Heart Care: Gloria Mullons Founder and CEO (Chicago, IL)

I Heart Care empowers human beings to keep track of their health information in order to share during Emergency Room visit and communicate information instantly with clinical team and family.

InovCares: Mohamed Kamara, CEO (Silver Spring, MD)

InovCares is a digital behavior change care provider that supports type 2 diabetes + hypertension self-management and empower people struggling with anxiety and depression.

Leda Health: Madison Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO (New York, NY)

Leda produces forensic examination kits for at-home use. It is Leda Health’s mission to transform existing systems of sexual assault prevention, care, and justice to better serve survivors and the communities in which they live.

Lineus Medical: Vance Clement, CEO (Fayetteville, AR)

Lineus Medical is the developer of SafeBreak Vascular, a break-away connector designed to prevent IVs from being pulled out.  A separated SafeBreak can be quickly replaced and the need for another needle stick can be avoided.

Major Care: Mandy Major, Co-Founder CEO / Nathan Riley, MD, Co-Founder and CMO (New Haven, CT)

Major Care is revolutionizing the postpartum period with remote, relationship-based doula care.

Nashville Nutrition Partners PLLC: Jennifer Fleischer, Co-Founder and CEO / Ander Wilson Co-Founder and CCO (Nashville, TN)

NNP offers forward-thinking nutrition counseling services that empower clients to take control of their health and wellness within a non-diet, weight-neutral, whole-person, collaborative care model.

Noxsano: Alan Willey, CEO (Columbus, OH)

Noxsano has developed wound dressings that actively control wound infection and healing by continuously delivering a controlled dose of nitric oxide.

Plum Flower Software: Lauren O’Meara, CEO (Franklin, TN)

Plum Flower Software is dedicated to supporting physician wellness with better software tools: DocLauncher offers powerful search and a single mobile resource for key group/program information like call lists, schedules, and procedural information, saving 5-10 minutes on every search. Calerity is an automated physician scheduling platform focused on transparency and fairness to save doctors an estimated week of scheduling effort per year.

Qardian Labs: Sofia Tomov, Founder and CEO (Knoxville, TN)

Qardian Labs provides fast and accurate AI-based cardiac risk evaluation software. Qardian Labs is dedicated to reducing the occurrence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) by improving screening for people in high stress environments, such as competitive sports and the military.

RediPay: Mark Gulley, Founder and CEO (Charlotte, NC)

RediPay is a healthcare marketplace built to disrupt the traditional dental and vision insurance industry.

Rehabmaker Corporation: Nikita Chizhov, Founder and CEO (Houston, TX)

Rehabmaker manufactures physical therapy equipment and sells it in their custom marketplace. Their signature product LegMaker is a low-cost, high-function physiotherapy pedal device that easily attaches to wheelchairs it contains lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers. 

Suquino Inc: Ravi Amble, Founder and CEO (Sunnyvale, CA)

Suquino, Inc. is transforming telehealth with Saffron, its uniquely ubiquitous, Machine Learning/AI platform that early integrates with third-party medical devices and software, enabling holistic, remote care in real-time within a connected care ecosystem.

VeritasAI Inc: Melissa Duban, Co-Founder and CEO (Alpharetta, GA)

VeritasAI has created an app that connects people suffering from opioid abuse with innovative cognitive behavioral therapy protocol and coping skill building programs.

Viasana: Joe Spradley, Founder and CEO (Nashville, TN)

ViaSana is an advocate for Physical Therapy and muscular-skeletal health. They are creating a platform to deliver care via asynchronous and live telemedicine services. Patients can interact with their therapist via video, text, and training modules. These sessions can be shared easily with their larger health and wellness care network.

Yumlish: Shireen Abdullah, Founder and CEO (Dallas, TX)

Yumlish is an AI-powered cultural nutritional therapy solution for minorities with diabetes and addresses socioeconomic barriers to dietary adherence. Through our program, patients lose 1-2 lbs/week as well as stabilize blood sugar levels which leads to a reduction in A1C levels and estimated health cost savings of $8,000 per person per year. 

ZeaMed HealthCare Services: Dr. Chandra Bondugula, Founder and CEO (Atlanta, GA)

ZeaMed is building the future of healthcare by creating a marketplace that connects healthcare consumers directly to healthcare providers in a patented, easily shoppable format while helping hospitals provide user-friendly pricing and quality data so that the power to change the broken healthcare system is in the hands of the people.

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