Announcing the Project Music 2020-2021 Cohort!

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The Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC) is excited to officially announce the 2020-2021 Cohort of Project Music! Eleven entrepreneurs have been accepted, representing a diverse group of startups that touch not only music, but live events, sports, gaming, and more.

Now in its sixth year, Project Music brings music, technology, and business leaders together to accelerate the development of industry-changing startups. The program was developed in partnership with the Country Music Association in 2015. Through Project Music, these entrepreneurs have access to the EC’s extensive network of music connections and are able to leverage them to foster innovation, nurture growth, and drive the future of the music industry.

This group of entrepreneurs enters the program with significant traction. Eight of the 11 teams already have revenue, with an average investment of over $375k and an average team size of 2.7.

Accepted entrepreneurs went through a rigorous vetting process that started with over 50 applications from across the U.S. After being narrowed down to the top 30 applications, they were reviewed by an expert judging committee made up of EC advisors, staff, and Project Music alumni representing industry experts, investors, legal, tech, and more. After in-depth interviews, offers were extended and 11 entrepreneurs were accepted.

“These eleven teams form the most diverse cohort in our six year history,” says Stephen Linn, Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Project Music. “Together, they touch every aspect of the industry and are the building blocks for the next generation of innovation. I’m excited to watch their progress and impact on the industry.”

“It’s in this moment that I am most proud of the work we do at the EC,” said Jane Allen, President and CEO of Nashville Entrepreneur Center. “For the past three weeks we have not missed one program or event. For that matter we have added significant programming – everything is now done virtually.  At the same time, I am proud of these entrepreneurs, the perseverance and resilience to follow your dreams in such uncertain times – to keep moving forward and to use this time to truly work on your business. We are excited to welcome these eleven teams into our Project Music cohort and I look forward to meeting each one today, albeit virtually.”

Due to COVID-19, the cohort’s first coming together is being done virtually today. We have modified our program to ensure that we maintain relationship, continuity and programming so that we can continue to foster community and immerse the teams in the Project Music ecosystem and Nashville music industry.

The 2020-2021 Project Music Cohort is listed below. And as always, thank you to our program partners CMA, Belmont’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business, Bonnaroo Works Fund, Big Machine Label Group, First Tennessee, Galante Entertainment, Launch Tennessee, Pinnacle, SESAC, and Who Knew.


BlackSleeve Media
Founder: Doug DeAngelis
Based in Nashville, TN
Favorite song: “Things Can Only Get Better” – Howard Jones

BlackSleeve Media gamifies the entertainment industry with a proprietary mobile entertainment platform that generates crowd-sourced advertising campaigns and year-round fan participation. Based on the video game model for monetization and engagement, BlackSleeve generates new revenue streams for the music, sporting, entertainment, and advertising industries.


Healthy Hip Hop
Founder: Roy Scott
Based in Kansas City, MO
Favorite song: Newly Released: “Healthy” – PJ Panda

Healthy Hip Hop is YouTube meets Spotify for kids! Their online platform provides a safe space for children to consume, create and share age appropriate content.

Founder: Emily Satterlee
Based in Denver, Colorado
Favorite song: “Sittin’ Up In My Room” – Brandy

ItyDity is an online music production company that uses patent pending software to help artists craft their vision for their song and then matches them with music producers (via Projects) who have complementary skill sets and who can uniquely help to bring that vision to life. Artist get to receive specs from multiple producers and then select their favorite.


Make Music Count
Founder: Marcus Blackwell
Based in Atlanta, GA
Favorite song: “Lingus” – Snarky Puppy

Make Music Count enriches problem solving by combining math concepts with piano playing through their app and curriculum. The platform is a new marketing avenue for record labels, media platforms, and corporations whose content we promote to our student users within our curriculum.


Founder: Graeme Winder
Based in Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite song: Improv in the moment. You will never play music more powerful than music that comes from you.

For the young and the young at heart, MeloQuest is developing an engaging video game called “Keys & Kingdoms” that teaches musical skills and empowers players to find the music within themselves. This epic journey guides players through magical lands and presents them with exciting challenges that make learning music fun, creative, and intuitive, while delivering real musical results.

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Founder: Edward Large
Based in Farmington, CT
Favorite song: “Superstition” – Stevie Wonder

Oscilloscape is a music technology and digital health company. Their team has a comprehensive understanding of the role that neural rhythms play in human perception, memory, and cognition, and extensive expertise in modeling neural rhythms. They have developed and patented a new kind of neural network that simulates the synchronization of neural rhythms to external stimuli. They are using their expertise in human neuroscience and their neural network technology to develop, license, and sell products in three strategic areas: music technology, digital health, and speech & hearing.


Osiris Media
Founder: RJ Bee
Based in Washington, DC
Favorite song: “Naive Melody” – The Talking Heads.

Osiris Media is transforming how music fans connect with the music they love. They deepen the connection between artists and fans through the power and intimacy of audio storytelling, and bring people together for unique musical experiences.

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Founder: Stuart Bostock
Based in Chattanooga, TN
Favorite song: “Enter Sandman” – Metallica

SCI (USA) designs and manufactures modern mobile safety and surveillance towers for rapid deployment to enhance security and attendee safety at music and sporting events, festivals and venues.


Sonido Software
Founder: Brady Hoggard
Based in Oxford, MS
Favorite song: “Semi-Charmed Life” – Third Eye Blind

Sonido Software is an end-to-end business management solution that combines the necessary tools for managing a successful audio production business, such as recording studios, in a single, intuitive platform.


Founder: Peter Karpas
Based in Mountain View, CA
Favorite song: “Instant Karma” – John Lennon

Starsona is the platform that allows anyone who has fans or followers (“stars”) to create joy and make a better living by connecting with their individual fans in a safe way.


With the Band
Founder: Sarah Beth Perry
Based in Nashville, TN
Favorite song: “Why Georgia” – John Mayer

With the Band is a mobile app that enables fans to easily create and participate in fan projects & fan meet ups. They also partner with artists to help unite their fanbases.



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