Black History Month in Nashville

Black History Month is a wonderful opportunity to remember great movements in history, reveling in wonderful strides despite many challenges, and celebrating the vital role of African Americans in US History. At the EC, we have realized that an extraordinary way to celebrate this month is by highlighting some African American businesses that are putting on special events for Black History Month or celebrate Black History and African American culture year-round.


Triluna Wellness
Elizabeth Moore and Ashley Brooke James
PreFlight Alumni

This business is a self-proclaimed experiential wellness company that fosters wellness from a whole perspective: they offer movement, cooking classes, and health coaching to ensure a well-rounded and sustainable approach. February 29 they are hosting an event called February Supper Club: Growing and Nourishing Diverse and Inclusive Communities to honor Black History Month.

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United Street Tours
Chakita Patterson
Twende Team

United Street Tours offers year-round historical walking tours of Nashville. Gain exposure to aspects of Black Culture in Nashville that are often overlooked.


Ashley Lawal
EC Twende Team and Preflight Alumni

Urbaanite exposes people to the full culture of Nashville through stories, blog posts, and events. For Black History Month, they are hosting a series of “outings” titled History with Friends. For Black History Month, they are hosting a series of “outings” titled History with Friends.

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Alkebu-Lan Bookstore

The only black owned bookstore in the state of Tennessee. Nashville’s Center for African-American Books, Educational Materials, Gifts and Positive Afri-Centric Apparel.


Black Women in Creative Spaces
Tiffany Perkins

Black Women in Creative Spaces is a networking event for creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders on February 29th, 2020. In celebration of Black History Month this event brings together a variety of creative black women to connect, exchange ideas, shop black, and have a great time.



Uncle Nearest
Fawn Weaver

Uncle Nearest is said to be the “Godfather of Tennessee Whiskey.” He was the slave who taught Jack Daniels to make whiskey. Go on a tour and tasting at the distillery to learn about the history of Uncle Nearest and the major role he played In what Tennessee Whiskey Is today.

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