Advisor Spotlight: Danielle Torrez

Danielle, one of our awesome EC Advisors, is highly energized by investing in people, goal setting and achievement, brand strategy, online marketing initiatives, creative collaborations and teamwork. My favorite things in this world are people and pizza. She currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Experience Global.

How have you balanced utilizing both creativity & business savvy in your career?
Growing up, I thought of creativity and business as two completely different spheres. I was so wrong. Once I began to utilize my creative side in business I started to see opportunity in every department of my company! These days, I take time to dream and ideate before making any big business decisions. Total game changer.

What elements of Nashville set it apart in the music industry from other entertainment hubs, like Los Angeles or New York?
Nashville is so different from other entertainment hubs because we help each other get to the top. There is a healthier form of competition here. When people are trying to succeed, we make introductions for them, we share their music or other art forms, we make a real effort to support local creativity. Once people “make it” in music, we tend to celebrate them and feel a collective sense of pride. I have not found that in other entertainment-focused cities.

How has the EC Advisor program helped you to grow, & why is it such an important element of helping entrepreneurs grow?
The EC advisor program has stretched me as both an entrepreneur and an advisor. As an entrepreneur, I have had the benefit of other advisors sharing their wealth of industry knowledge and connections with me. As an advisor, I have the honor of helping up and coming entrepreneurs discover the insight and competitive advantages they need in order to achieve success.

What is unique about the EC Advisor program?
The EC Advisor program is one-of-a-kind because of the access it gives to entrepreneurs. You can just be starting out in your field and gain education, wisdom and advice from people that have found success at the top of your field! You can literally leapfrog over your disadvantages as a novice and learn from other people’s failures and successes. That’s pretty cool.


What is one thing on your bucket list?
Sometime in the future, I want to travel to the rural southern areas of Democratic Republic of Congo and develop a coffee export company that will provide jobs, education and financial sustainability for countless villages in that region.

What book or movie has had a significant impact on your life?
I’ve been greatly effected by a simple book called “Practicing Greatness” by Reggie McNeal. It’s a book about spiritual leadership but I feel like it taught me the disciplines and gave me the permission I needed in order to lead well in every area.


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