Meet Your Advisor: Stayko Staykov

It takes a village. Entrepreneurship is hard work. The impact that our advisors are making in the lives of the entrepreneurs in Nashville is intangible. We want you to know who they are and why they are a big deal. Welcome to out “Meet Your Advisor” feature that will run its course until we have introduced you to all the “doing it, done it or invested in it” people who are navigating our city’s entrepreneurs.

[eC Advisor Lead] Robinson talks about your unique approach to advising startups. What’s different in the way you advise entrepreneurs?

The difference is that my approach is different with each entrepreneur – I try to build a psychological profile of each in the beginning of the session and alter my style based on it.

From your experience raising over $75 million, what would you say is most important when raising capital?

Ha – to try not to :). I think the best way to build a company is through revenue – sometimes outside capital is “addictive” and de- incentivizes growth and commitment.

What is one activity that energizes you?

Playing with my kids. Woodworking.

If you could attempt any one venture and not fail, what would you do?

Invent teleportation.

What do you see as one of the biggest successes of the EC’s Advisor Program?

Its improvement in the “matching” process.

Why should an entrepreneur get an advisor?

Because a trusted voice helps half the sorrow and double the joy (a paraphrase of Sir Francis Bacon’s quote).

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